Photo: ETC Media, autodromodifranciac

Two tracks revealed for ETCC 2010

Two of the four tracks for the European Touring Car Cup 2010 have been announced by the FIA. The first race is going to be held at Braga in Portugal, just as this year. The final race of the year is going to be held at the new track Franciacorta, Italy.

The premiere in Portugal is going to be run on the 28th of March while the finale is going to be run on the 17th of October.

The two remaining tracks of the ETCC 2010 calendar, in Germany and Austria, have not been revealed yet. But the Austrian race is most likely going to be held at Salzburgring, a track the ETC Cup visited in 2008.

The final calendar for the ETCC 2010 is going to be revealed after the FIA World Council on December the 11th.

One reason for the delay of the final calendar is reported to be the fact that the first dates for the races in Germany and Austria clashed with races in STCC and BTCC.

The Franciacorta track is located close to Milan in the north of Italy. The track is 2519 meters long and was finalized in 2008.

Provisional 2010 FIA European Touring Car Cup calendar

28 March – Braga, Portugal
6 June – TBA, Germany
11 July – TBA, Austria
17 October – Franciacorta, Italy

Track layout of Franciacorta:

Video of Franciacorta: