Photo: Jacques Letihon Photographe

Sam Dejonghe says revised BoP has made the racing more fair

The Team WRT SEAT pair of Sam Dejonghe and Denis Dupont had their strongest weekend of the season, winning the qualifying long race on Saturday, while Dejonghe just missed the podium in the fourth sprint due to what has confessed was his own error, but the 25-year-old was happiest of all about the TCR organisation’s latest BoP changes, which have levelled the competition.

“We have a bit of a better BoP, but I think everyone has,” said Dejonghe to TouringCarTimes. “I think it’s a lot more fair now. The races are better and one car isn’t driving off easily – so I’m enjoying the fact that now there’s real competition between the cars.”

Despite this, the Belgian rued the error on the final lap of the last race, which saw him lose the final podium spot to Delahaye Racing’s Lorenzo Donniacuo in the Volkswagen Golf.

“It was 100% my mistake, so I have to say sorry to the team. It was tough at the front, everyone was giving it everything. I pushed Lessennes into a mistake, but then I saw Donniacuo was there behind me, and as he’d abandoned the first race he had almost new tyres –and fresh tyres here are a world of difference.

“As I was driving on the filthy line to defend, my tyres got even worse, then at the last turn he got a good run, so I just braked a bit later but locked up and went wide – I was still in front but didn’t have any grip on the straight and he just went past.”