Comtoyou Racing boss labels Lynk & Co Cyan Racing “bad losers”

Comtoyou Racing team principal Jean-Michel Baert has hit out at Lynk & Co Cyan Racing following its exit from the FIA WTCR, labeling the team as “bad losers”.

“I especially think that Lynk & Co thinks of itself as the Mercedes of the FIA ​​WTCR, by putting pressure on the promoter and the FIA,” said Baert to Speed Action TV.

“As no one flinched, Lynk & Co Co feel that they are going to lose this championship. However, they have never lost a championship. By withdrawing with immediate effect, they put themselves in a situation where they will not be beaten, since they will disappear.

“In their communication, we also understand that the Balance of Performance is a problem for them. Basically, they are bad losers who prefer to retire so as not to have to suffer the dishonor of defeat.”

The Audi team boss also says he believes there is “no real problem” with the Goodyear tyres following the Vallelunga race weekend, where Comtoyou Racing drivers Mehdi Bennani, Nathanaël Berthon and Tom Coronel suffered tyre failures in the opening race.

“Concerning the problems with the tyres, we also experienced some in Vallelunga,” said Baert.

“Basically, when you mistreat the tire, there will be trouble. We identified the origin of the problem with our engineers, and in Race 2 we didn’t suffer from a single puncture again, which means that a solution exists, confirming that there is no real problem.”

The Lynk & Co Cyan Racing team declined to comment on the statement from the Comtoyou Racing boss.