Photo: Gripping Media

Jason Watt confirms 2010 program

Jason Watt has confirmed that he is going to take part in the Danish Touring Car Championship 2010.
“Bygma had an potion for next year as well, something they have chosen to go with. So I am ready of start next year,” said Watt to

Watt is looking forward to drive on the Swedish tracks that are going to be included in the Scandinavian Touring Car Cup (STCC+DTC in four races) next year.

“The most important advantage for next year is that we get more tracks to drive on.

I am tired to run three times on Jyllandsringen and two times on Padborg Park. Now we are going to run on five tracks and that is good,” said Watt.

But the Dane is a bit worried on the number of entries for the DTC next year.

“There might happen more things after the new year, when people start urging to drive again. It is going to be interesting to see who turn up.

There are a couple of cheap Peugeot 407’s available for sale. If they get the same dispensations that the Honda Accord got this year, they can for sure be in the field of 2010,” said Watt.