Linus Ohlsson: “A wonderful season”

Linus Ohlsson was the sole driver with a shot in the title race with Fredrik Ekblom for the TTA – Racing Elite League 2012 title. The Saab driver came close but had to settle for second in the championship.
“We went to Gothenburg with the sights set on the title. The chance was extremely thin and we made our best. But it has been a wonderful season and I am pleased with second,” said Ohlsson.

The 21-year-old came close to snatching pole position for the final race of the year at Gothenburg City Arena. But Thed Björk claimed pole with just seconds left of the session, with Ekblom taking third on the grid and securing the one point he needed for the title.
“I had a really good qualifying session. When I was out on new tyres, I was first for a good while. They told me over the radio with one minute left that you are first, Ekblom is sixth, there is still hope for the championship. I thought, awesome, and I entered the pits and then right in the pit entry, I got the message that Björk beat me with four hundredths of a second with 47 seconds left. It was tough, but I changed focus for second in the championship by then,” said Ohlsson.

Ohlsson was close to Björk in the first part of the race but dropped back as the race progressed, being passed by team mate Daniel Haglöf for second. Third in the race meant enough point to beat Björk for second in the championship.
“If I am going to be completely honest, I didn’t we could finish this good in our first season. We have had a great season, we were here to watch and learn. To see where I was compared to the big names. It has been a wonderful season,” said Ohlsson.

The Team Tidö driver has scored two victories and four podium finishes.