Photo: PSP Images/APAT

FIA introduces support for technical regulations used in BTCC and TN

The FIA has announced plans to endorse two classifications of national touring car regulations from 2015, which will be classed as TCN-1 and TCN-2, based on the regulations used in the MSA British Touring Car Championship in the United Kingdom, and the Argentinian Turismo Nacional Championship.

The British Touring Car Championship’s current technical blueprint, introduced from 2010 and formerly identified within the series as Next Generation Touring Cars, will be classed as TCN-1, which the FIA is targeting for “higher level of national competitions”.

The TCN-2 / TN-based regulations are for production-based, lower-cost national series. These cars are used by the popular Argentinian series which has also supported the WTCC for the past two years.


These two classifications will co-exist alongside the other major touring car classifications used in FIA championships. These include TC1, which is used by the World Touring Car Championship, and TC2T and TC2 (cars built for the WTCC in 2011-2013 and 2005-2010 respectively), which will compete in the FIA European Touring Car Cup.

The new TC3 series has positioned itself as an international and national classification below the WTCC’s TC1 formula, but is not an official FIA classification.