Photo: Superstars Media

Alberto Cerqui gets AutoGP test as “Rookie of the Year”

Alberto Cerqui, who claimed the Italian Superstars title, got an AutoGP test day as prize for Rookie of the Year.
“Being here is really exciting. When I started the season I was aiming at the Rookies’ title, then my grip with our BMW M3 became better and better and I managed to capture the Italian championship and fight for the International honours. I want to thank SUPERSTARS as well as team BMW Italia and AutoGP for the great chance I was offered today,” said Cerqui.

The 19-year-old completed about 80 laps at Italian track Magione in the Auto GP racer [first generation A1 Grand Prix cars].

“I managed to complete a positive day of testing. My goal was to take full advantage of this opportunity without taking excessive risks. I gradually merged with the car and improved my laptimes, although clocking a record lap has never been a priority,” said Cerqui.

Next season, the Superstars Rookie of the Year driver [for drivers up to 24 years of age] will get a fully-funded season in the 2013 AutoGP.