Scuderia Giudici announces four BMWs for EUROV8 SERIES

Team Scuderia Giudici has announced a four-car line-up for the 2014 EUROV8 SERIES.

The team is going to run four BMW M3 E92 with father and son Gianni and Claudio Giudici in two of the cars. The remaining cars will also have a father and son in the form of Domiziano and Jonathan Giacon.

“The EUROV8 SERIES is one of the few championships that enables teams to express their full potential,” said team owner Gianni Giudici.

”Because they can elaborate the cars without having to resort to pre-existent kits. The championship’s level will be pretty high thanks to the teams and cars entered. I have always believed in this project and I will continue to do so in the future. The ATT association and FG Group are working in the right direction. Scuderia Giudici will be in the game and now it will be the track to provide the answers.”

The team is planning to run a fifth BMW during the 2014 season with Walter Conforti driving an older BMW 550i.